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Kaye Beach

Jan. 2, 2016

FortySix News reports that Rep. Bob Cleveland and Lewis Moore will be holding the next public meeting on the REAL ID Act at the state capitol on Jan. 5th at 10 AM in Room 206.

Sean John Mens Herringbone Casual Trousers also provides the transcript of the Question and Answer portion of the last REAL ID meeting that was held on Now. 18th, noting that:


Several major things discovered in the transcripts below:

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  • The question was asked multiple times – How does this improve safety? No real coherent answer was ever given.

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  • During the discussion the question was asked about the Dictator Clause in the REAL ID Act when the answer never happened due to an alarm that went off at the state capitol making everyone evacuate. When the session resumed the question was never brought up again. The Dictator Clause allows the Secretary of Homeland Security to arbitrarily add anything to the list of official purposes that require a person to produce a REAL ID. Things that have already been suggested recently are guns and ammo.

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  • The extension to be able to get onto an aircraft really was set till 2020, but could be changed to an earlier date at the discretion of the Director of Homeland Security.


Read more from FortySix News: Perry Ellis Pants Mens Casual White Stretch Trousers Choose Size



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The Dirt on REAL ID

Kaye Beach

Dec. 1, 2015

I was pleasantly surprised to day to read Shane Smith’s excellent piece on the Oklahoma REAL ID debate published today at the Red Dirt Report.

If you were relying on major media, you might not be aware that there even is a debate but there is and Shane does a great job of summing up the Oklahoma REAL ID debate thus far.